8 things that simplify my life

My friend, Megan, tagged me for this meme nearly two weeks ago!

Hopefully better late than never?

1. Planner
I love my planner. This year it's pink so it feels even prettier. It lives with me so is the major reason I can organise and simplify my life.

2. Digital camera
My camera lives in my bag so I'm always ready to take pictures like this and this.

3. Timer
My love for the kitchen timer is well-documented on this blog. It keeps me focussed and on track when I'm on the computer.

4. Spiral-bound notebook on my desk
I write everything in my desk notebook when I'm working on the computer. I start each day on a new page (literally) so it's easy to check back if I need to find a password, etc. I recently created.

5. Cell phone
I love my current cell phone. I take pictures with it (when I'm lazy to do the whole camera thing), sync my appointments and of course, send occasional SMS/ text messages and phone.

6. Aweber
I can NOT stop raving enough about Aweber. I use it to manage my autoresponder when people sign up to my newsletter full of free organising tips, it sends out my ecourses and also sends out all my client stuff so I don't have to remember to do anything but add the lead.

7. Skype
I use Skype for all international calls and for most of my client calls. It's cheap and I bought a service so if my clients want the call

8. My desk folder
I have a folder on my desk with a page where I write down when I make sales, my things to delegate list, my teleconferencing phone numbers, etc. Everything I need on a daily basis right at my fingertips.

So, Megan, those are the 8 things that simplify my life. Once I started listing them, I realised I could go on and on because once I find something that works, I keep doing it.

And now, I get to have some fun.

I'm going to tag the Simplicity Queen herself, Beth Dargis, the absolutely gorgeous Eva Wallace at Clutter Control Freak (have you seen her hair?!) and The Goddess of All Things Beautiful, Suzanne Babb (did I get that right, Suzanne?)
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