Are your Christmas decorations down yet?

Before I share my Christmas story with you, I have to tell you a quick funny story.

We went to visit friends of ours one November.

I was most impressed because their Christmas tree was up already so I told them so.

She says to me, "we didn't ever take it down from last year" LOL

Isn't that brilliant?


I'm a very simple, no-fuss person. I don't like lots of knick-knacks and stuff lying around (more things to clean, people!) so my Christmas decorations are literally a bag full.

I have a tiny Christmas tree that stands on a corner table - you can see it on the right side of this picture. And we (Dion) string up some tinsel, shiny ball decorations and stockings.

And then I do the guest bathroom in red and green.

That's it!

Here's the extent of it - without the bathroom stuff.

Before I pack it away, I put each batch of stuff in its own bag. I started this last year and it worked a treat because nothing was dusty.

See that light green bag with the red? That's a felt string with some Christmas characters that we also string up. I roll it around an old toilet roll so it stays untangled and then ziploc it. You know how I love my ziploc bags.

And here's everything neatly packed away, ready to go to the very top shelf of my guest bedroom cupboards.

How much Christmas stuff do you have?
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