Let's look at your cutlery and utensils & chance to win a free ecourse

This is the third week of decluttering and organising in our KITCHENS and this week, we're decluttering cutlery and utensils.

(Remember if you don't want to post on the theme, go right ahead and post on whatever you felt like decluttering, or otherwise, just show us how you store your cutlery :)

The last time I decluttered this drawer was about two years ago and it's still working for me, so I thought I'd point out a few things.

See the elastic bands on the top right? Very useful for closing bags in the freezer (those freezer tags drive me nuts because they're too fiddly).

Then, at the bottom, I keep my scissors and the box on the left has a calculator (for when I'm doubling recipes, etc.), a post-it pad, a permanent marker and masking tape.

This is my second drawer. The closed container on the left has extra serving spoons, etc. that I use when entertaining and on the right you'll see all my everyday utensils, also neatly containerised.

On the right there are drinking straws and some markers for our calendar. In the front I have all my sandwich bags that I actually don't use for sandwiches. I use them like this and this. And to the left of the sandwich bags are Ziplocs I want to re-use.

Did you declutter any cutlery or utensils this week?

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Now for this week's challenge

Please link to your Friday Declutter Challenge post on your own blog and post a link back here. If you don't have a blog, tell me in the comments about
ANYTHING you decluttered this week.

It can be anything - physical, electronic, mental clutter or even the need to be a certain way. Like perfectionism! :)

What did you declutter this week?
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