Office Organising Makeover - Week 2

Hi, it's me again -
Anne. Welcome back to my Office Organizing journey.

Last week you toured my home and saw how inefficient my current office set-up is and we discussed my challenges.

To recap, here are the biggies:

  • The things I need are not at hand
  • There is no space to work or craft
  • The filing system is confusing
  • Things pile on top of piles
  • I have remnants of 2 at-home jobs, remnants of homeschooling
  • and everyday family life.

This week I started Step One of the 7 Steps to Organise Your Office system. The idea behind this step is to clarify the uses you will need to incorporate into your office.

Since my Office and Craft space is not yet finished, I am working from my master bedroom. This room serves as a bedroom and an office, as well as a craft space. Geez. No wonder it is so full and cluttered!

What all do I need to do in here?

I need:
  • work space,
  • craft space,
  • filing,
  • reading and planning.
  • I also need to combine clothing and craft storage in a manner that makes both easily accessible and in a state of readiness.

I have other needs too. I need Long Term Storage for files and supplies. This will have to remain in the basement closet. Ok, so the closet down there is designated for Long Term Files and Supplies.

The desk up here will be for working space and current supplies (one extra roll of tape, one extra set of staples).

The filing drawer in the desk will be for action files. The filing cabinet by the bed will be for all other non-long-term files.

I like to read and plan in bed, so the basket next to the bed, that is currently a catch-all, will house my books, snacks and planner. My closet will house the craft supplies and clothing. I have a folding table for crafting if the desktop doesn't offer enough space.

WOW! Great plan, huh?

But how do I make it all work?

According to the system, I went through each section, mindful of its purpose and removed everything that did not fit that need. That meant that the TV was relocated off the desk. The pending projects were removed from the bedside basket.

Long Term files were moved to the closet downstairs. The piles of papers and desktop files that were overflowing with papers were relocated to the filing drawers. CDs that I never use were put into Long Term Storage *just in case* I blow up my computer and need them.

Whew! Stuff is everywhere.

I thought I was organized, but now I am starting to see why it wasn't working...


Next week: Steps 2 and 3!

Please stay tuned to see what interesting things happen and after photos from the first 3 steps.

Anne is doing a great job. This is a big, big challenge and I'm very proud of her for doing this journey with all my readers checking out her progress.

Don't you agree?

By the way, Anne, I love your organised clothes and shoes in the closet with all the matching hangers :)
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