10-minute organising project - the fridge

Since I was about 6 - 7 weeks' pregnant, I have had NO energy whatsoever.

Which is bad because I'm used to being really productive but it's also good because I know that when I do have a sudden burst of energy, I need to focus and get whatever done.

I decided to sort out the fridge on one of those occasions and thought I'd time myself to see exactly how long it took, so you'd see it's not that overwhelming.

Main section - before

Main section - after
- grotty carrots were thrown away
- everything was put back in its section
- I also moved some things to smaller containers
- I moved food that we have to eat so that it's clearly visible

Fridge door - before

Fridge door - after
- threw away expired medicine
- moved all the spreads to the correct shelf
- moved bigger bottles of water to the door

By the way, the whole organising project took me just 8 minutes.

How often do you have to organise your fridge?
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