Break out of overwhelm

Why this teleclass?

If you're a small business owner, you're probably inundated with messages from all over the internet.

And all the social media's not helping either - should you facebook, should you twitter, what should you do?

You're overwhelmed with everybody telling you what to do and and which system is the Next Best Thing to follow to make a gazillion dollars in a month :)

Instead of moving forward though, you feel so overwhelmed that you become totally paralysed with indecision.

On this teleclass you'll learn...

  • how to recognise the symptoms of overwhelm
  • what type of organising personality you are...and how to work with your style to get your focus back
  • some of my favourite tools (practically free) that help me focus
  • how to break out of overwhelm (when all the noise in your head gets too loud) by doing the absolute minimum you need to do to get you moving forward again
  • how to eliminate info product overwhelm... so you know which ones to follow to get the results you want
  • how to get your mojo back (in other words, get the confidence to quickly get you back on track)
  • how to go from just a lovely idea to a project actually done and off that eternal to-do list

“I used to spend my days always working on email and never getting anything done. Thanks to Marcia's suggestions, I now can’t believe everything I get done in one day!

It’s allowed me to have a very successful business while working only 15-20 hours per week. I love that her techniques have given me the freedom to spend time with my sons and husband.

Thanks to her business organizing strategies I have doubled my productivity which has in turn doubled my business income. Thanks Marcia for all that you do!”
Jennifer Haubein

The nitty gritty details

Tuesday 24 March

Time: 12pm EST/ 6pm South African Time (GMT+2)

Your time: click here for your time zone

What do you need: Pen and the handout I'll be sending you

Format: Simulcast - both by webcast and telephone - so if you have a computer and internet, you can participate.

Investment: $37

I loved the clarity of your teaching and you have given me confidence that I can do more. You helped me realise my potential and the timing and ease of use worked very well.

The info you suggested was new to me as before, I’d only picked things up from others as I needed.

Tina Hodges
Sheffield, England

So how does this work?

  • Once you register and pay, I'll send you the access information and the handbook for the day.

  • On the day, either call in on the phone (it's a US number) or wait and download the link afterwards.

  • If the time doesn't suit you, register anyway because I'll send you the recording within an hour or you can listen in via the replay link.

Let's recap. What do you get ...

  • LIVE teaching from Marcia Francois, time management and organising expert

  • LIVE group coaching

  • Handout

  • MP3 audio download after the live call

  • this is part of your Gold VIP Inner Circle membership. Try it for a month and if you don't like it, you can always cancel

All this for only $37

Here's what people (just like you) are saying ...

Your system helped me realize those places where I could streamline my processes even further to help increase my productivity and give me more time.

Thanks, Marcia!
Teresa Morrow
Online Promoter for Authors, Speakers & Writers

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