Can you be a minimalist with babies?

I'm fast realising that not everybody thinks like me.

Well, I've known that for a long, long time :) but this baby business has made the whole thing glaringly obvious once again.

Let me tell you what's been going on...

1. There's a baby expo happening in Jhb soon (I think it's within the next week or two) ... and the ladies at work have been very keen for me to go because "you get all this FREE STUFF" LOL

I'm really not into getting stuff just because it's free. If I need it and don't have to pay, great. But I don't just take things because they're free.

They looked at me like I was cuckoo :)

Please tell me there are more of us out there!

2. Then my sister (who is so excited) wants to know what we've bought.

Um, nothing.

"but you do know what you want?"

Um, no. Not at all.

"Okay, have a look at all these websites"

No, thanks, that's not our style.

You see, I believe that when you look at too many things, you (1) get overwhelmed and (2) start thinking that you need all those things.

But they're not needs, they're desires.

So my thinking is to first consider carefully what we actually need, and then make a list and go shopping.

Am I crazy, or is there method in my madness?

P.S. We received a baby bag from our medical aid (insurance) and some more free stuff from a Multiples Seminar we attended which is why we have a few things.

P.P.S. We have bought them matching "what happens at Granny's house stays at Granny's house" babygrows (onesies) in green because they were cute and not expensive!

Oh, by the way, am 16 weeks now and at the doctor's on Wed, one baby showed us what we wanted to see ...and one didn't ... so we wait for the 20-week scan. If that one is naughty again, I'm going to "cheat" on my doctor and go see others until I know!
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