Friday Declutter Challenge - documents and folders on your computer

Today we're decluttering files and document folders.

I have three tips for you today:

1. Keep it simple

Make folders in your My Documents folder.

BUT please don't make too many folders so that you have to click through lots of layers to get to your documents.

2. One in, one out

Declutter regularly. If you know you download documents like PDFs and audios on a weekly basis, then you need to declutter those (or others) on a weekly basis.

Just this weekend I listened to a 60-minute audio while I decluttered some files in my study. When I was done, I deleted the audio. There didn't happen to be anything that I needed to action but if there had been, I'd make a note in my spiral-bound notebook and then still delete the audio.

3. Make your system work for you

My filing system may not work for you and yours may not work for me.

Ask yourself, "where would I look for this document if I had to find it in the future?" That's how you name your files.

I have household forms and business forms. You might file them together but the way my brain works, I think of business forms with business, and so on.

This week, your challenge is to

go through at least 5 folders in your My Documents and declutter ...
  • any duplicate documents
  • documents you no longer use or need
  • audios you've already listened to and actioned
  • PDFs that no longer serve you (forms you're not using, etc, etc.)
To get you inspired, read how Anne organised her document folders when she did the Office Organising Makeover.

Share in the comments how you did!



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