Friday Declutter Challenge - photos!

Today we're decluttering photos.

Now that we’ve all gone digital, it’s become very easy to take hundreds of pics and not have to deal with the e-clutter.

Download your pictures regularly, delete the bad ones there and then, and save the good ones to CD or DVD regularly.

I only print really gorgeous shots (because printing is so expensive here in South Africa - in fact, when we travel, I like to print some overseas because it's soooo much cheaper) so if I wouldn’t want to print it, I don’t keep it on my computer.

If I want to use pictures on the blog, I compress them immediately so that they take up 50KB as opposed to 1MB.

Here's how to compress photos
  • Open the picture in Microsoft Picture Manager (Start, Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Tools, Microsoft Office Picture Manager).
  • Click on Edit Pictures and then on compress.
  • I usually compress to “web pages"
  • Click OK

As easy as that, you're done!

Knysna waterfront - May 2007

Organising your photos

Photos are one of those things that can quickly overwhelm you if you don’t have a system. Before you know it, you have thousands of photos on your computer and no idea where to start.

If this is you, make one folder titled Before _____ (today’s date) and start working backwards, just 15 minutes a day. Once you start, the momentum will easily carry you forward.

Then, from now onwards, do the following 6 steps and you’ll never be behind again.

1. Download after every major photo-taking session
It’s far easier to sort through 50 rather than 500 photos. However, if you take photos daily, you might want to do this once a week.

Read the other 5 steps here


Here are the schedule of challenges for the rest of March

13 - blogs and bookmarked links

20 - email

27 - documents & computer folders

Are you joining in with this week's challenge?


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