Organising for babies

Today I'm 16 weeks pregnant with twins :)

We are very excited about the babies but with that, we had a bit of an EEEK moment when we realised we'd have to find space in the house not only for the babies, but for all the baby stuff.

We plan to convert the guest bedroom so we need to find space elsewhere for all the guest stuff, extra blankets, etc.

All of these shelves had things on them before I started moving things around (I forgot to take a proper before picture).

The aim is twofold:

  1. eventually move all the guest things to our second bedroom/ study
  2. have only baby things in this bedroom
A tall order!

Things I've realised:

  1. I have too many guest items considering we only have guests a couple of times a year
  2. We have absolutely no clothes for the babies - will have to do the gift registry thing soon
  3. I need to seriously declutter my study and get rid of all my workshop stuff

What I did

  • I moved everything baby from other places in the house to this room. Basically there were books, toiletries and some towels.
  • Then I started categorising - toiletries and other baby stuff, and baby vs parenting books

Here is part 1 of the organising project

on the left, baby books and on the right, parents' books

starting to sort the toiletries...
Will keep you informed!
In the meanwhile, which baby accessories should I absolutely not get and will be a waste of money? :)

E.g. at a multiples seminar we attended, one of the mothers said you can use a rolled-up towel instead of buying a cot wedge.
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