Organising medication in the bathroom

We recently had a situation where a pipe leading to our geyser burst.

Can you imagine the damage?!

The diningroom was flooded and so was our bathroom, which resulted in a messed-up bathroom vanity.

The guys finally came to replace the vanity and because of all the unpacking and repacking, I decided to reorganise the cupboard.

I had our medicines in two cooler bags like these and now they're all organised in one of my favourite organising tools, Ziploc bags, like this:

My categories are in the order - most used to least used

  • painkillers
  • cold and flu - I swear by Degoran and it goes EVERYWHERE with us :)
  • Marcia's stuff
  • Dion's stuff
  • skin (sunburn - remember we live in Africa, other burn (I have a tendency to burn my arms when I'm too quick removing things from the oven) and mosquito repellant)
Here you can see them peeking out of one of the drawer's.

Where and how do you store your medicat
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