Organising is NOT a once-off activity

Remember all the books I decluttered during the August Declutter Challenge?

You might think that that would be enough decluttering for a few years.

Sorry, that's not true. Especially if you love reading.

You see, I'm a reader and as such, I gather books all the time from a number of different sources:

  • library
  • bookstores
  • friends (as gifts)

If I didn't do anything with those books (well, except for returning those belonging to the library), I'd soon be inundated.

So I have to go through my bookshelves regularly and decide which books I'm going to "release" into the world again :)

Do you remember my rating system for decluttering my bookshelf?

This was in January....

and this was a few days ago, a mere three months later. 15 out - yay!

If you're not a big reader or gatherer of books, you might only need to do a serious declutter once a year.

For me, it looks like every 3 months is about right.

Consider your lifestyle and then decide on your own decluttering plan of action.

Do this for every area of your life - clothes, kitchen stuff, paper (!), receipts, etc.

If you go to the shops daily, you probably need to clear out your wallet daily. If you're like me and only go to the shops once a week, then weekly is fine.

When was the last time you decluttered your bookshelves?
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