3 ways to use food so it doesn't spoil

I hate wasting food with a passion!

First of all it's money and also, I can't help thinking about all the hungry people right on my very doorstep.

So I have a few ways I use up food so that it doesn't spoil.

  1. Use veggies to make stirfry (as in picture above). In fact, in the above picture, I had some chicken, some spaghetti and veggies. By cooking this one meal, I managed to use all of those up which makes me very, very happy.
  2. If there are still veggies left (this particular night, there was also a lot of broccoli), throw into the freezer for use in soups whenever you get around to it.
  3. We store bread in the fridge anyway because it's warm in Johannesburg and bread goes mouldy very quickly. Sometimes we still can't get to eat the bread quickly enough so I toss the bread in the freezer. I really like saving time so I package them in packs of 2 slices so that I can simply grab a bag, pop the bread into the toaster and I'm good to go.
Those are the only foodstuffs that spoil in this house because when I cook, I cook enough for two meals and immediately freeze the other meal.

What other tips can you share? What works in your house?
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