Favourite organising tools #15 - tote bags

My love for bags are well, well documented all over this blog.

But tote bags are also one of my favourite organising tools.

Here's the bag I take into the gym with my towel and water. I use the mesh bag to hold money for the parking meter, the parking stub and my car keys, because I hate scrambling around in the dark for things.

Sometimes if I'm really hungry I'll throw an apple in here too to eat the minute I finish the class. Remember I'm pregnant and the babies don't like to wait for food.

Then I have another tote bag for my gym clothes. I usually go straight after work so I get dressed at work and then drive to the gym.

I also have other tote bags dotted around the house for:

  • to go to work (usually full of food (!) and healthy snacks)
  • library books
  • things to be returned to people (nice and vague)
  • books to go to the second hand bookstore
  • etc.

Do you use a lot of tote bags? What do you use them for?

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