Friday Declutter Challenge - T-shirts!

Right, so today we're decluttering T-shirts.

I want you to go through all those T-shirts, especially those at the back of your cupboard...I have them so I know you have them too :)

Look what I found...

an ex-boyfriend's T-shirt from university!

and one from when we worked in the children's church before we were married actually (this is 14 years old)

You should be wearing clothes that fit well and that flatter you because you're worth it.

Throw out those old T-shirts - I don't even think you should keep them to wear to the gym because you deserve to look cute even when you're all hot and sweaty from exercising.

How many T-shirts did you get rid of today?


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Challenges for the rest of the month...

8 - underwear and socks, including pajamas

15 - shoes

22 - pants & jeans

29 - sweatshirts and jerseys

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