Friday Declutter Challenge - underwear drawers

Today we're decluttering and organising our underwear drawers.

First, before you even start organising, get rid of all the old, ugly, stretched out garments.

Remember what your mother told you? What if you're in an accident with ugly underwear? :)

Now that that's taken care of, you can organise.

There's also a lot less to have to think about which in my book, is win-win!

I use cereal boxes to keep everything organised, thus dispelling the myth that organising has to be expensive.

More cereal boxes and those cardboard dividers for drinking glasses

Over to you! Let me know how you do in the comments.


The Organise your Home ecourse is a step-by-step system delivered in bite-sized pieces so you will NEVER feel overwhelmed. You even get an audio of me teaching you how to organise your space.

Tons of people have been through this system; are you next?

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