Friday Declutter Challenge - we're decluttering shoes!

Edited to add my decluttering pics

Today we're decluttering and organising our shoes - takkies (trainers), sandals, closed shoes, slippers, the whole lot!

You don't need to throw perfectly good shoes in the bin if they're in good condition; rather donate them to a women's shelter or another worthy cause.

These are the ones you want to get rid of:
  • broken
  • out of style
  • doesn't suit your lifestyle (if you've left the corporate world, then you probably don't need all your fancy shoes you used to wear with your power suits :))
  • too many of the same kind
  • hurts you when you do wear them
  • haven't worn them for a couple of years (they're probably outdated by now)
I have at least two pairs to get rid of because I bought two pairs in Ireland and I have to stick to my one in- one out rule, so here we go.

Over to you! Let me know how you do in the comments.


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