Organising your notebook

This is my colleague's notebook that I've been threatening to blog about for months.

I love the way she organises her notes - hopefully this will work for some of you too.
  • She uses yellow post-it flags to highlight pages where there are still outstanding actions. This means she doesn't have to page through the whole notebook to find her place.
  • She also writes the client/ product name on those flags to help keep her place.
  • When she has a list of personal to-dos, she folds the page in half to help categorise those tasks separately. Can you see the page on the left is folded over?

I like to start a new page for each client meeting and for each day's work.

Of course I always use a spiral-bound notebook!

I write down my action items either in the meeting, or at my desk as I take calls or think of things to do. When I've done them, I highlight them in pink so I can still read them but they don't "bother" me anymore.

I don't use my work notebook for personal things unless they have to be done on that particular day, e.g. paying the doctor before I go to my appointments

How do you organise your notebook?
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