3 quick ways to go green and stay organised

Today is World Environment Day and I'm going to share 3 quick ways how being organised can make you more green

1. Stop printing mindlessly
Remember the more paper you have, the more you have to organise and file it. Rather stop and think about whether you really need to have a paper printout of something before just hitting that print button.

My printer ran out of ink about two years ago which forced me to think about what I really needed to print (it seems not very much at all). It's still unplugged and I have less paper to file and think about. Win-win!

2. Declutter regularly and re-use where possible
This is a great way to keep your own things organised and help other people to not go out and buy, buy, buy.

Donate clothes and food to shelters.

Don't throw file folders out if they're in good condition - donate them to schools or re-use them in your own office.

Use the back of paper as a scrap pad jotter.

3. Only use cloth shopping bags
When you make a decision to only use material shopping bags, it automatically forces you to be more organised.

You stop just "popping in" to the shops and start mindfully shopping, which means you only go to the shops when you have your material shopping bags and your shopping list.

And you know when you use your shopping list you're a more organised and healthy shopper.

What other suggestions do you have for going green and being organised?

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