17 Quick Ways To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet

In order for you to lose one pound of weight within a week, you must take less than 500 calories of what you need every day. To help you achieve that, below are 17 quick ways to lose weight without the need to go on diet.

1. Take the whole fruits i.e. a whole orange instead of just drinking the fruit juice. By doing that, 45 calories will be saved.

2. Prepare your omelette with only 4 egg whites. Then add in approximately a quarter of egg substitute. Instead of using regular bacon, use Canadian bacon. By doing that, you will consume less calories.

3. Use non-fat milk instead of whole milk. Alternatively, you may also use low-fat milk. For your morning drink i.e. coffee or latte, use sugar substitute i.e. honey (Give it a try. You may be surprise at how good it tastes. I will recommend organic honey) instead of the normal sugar.

4. During your lunch time, put on mustard on your sandwich instead of the normal mayonnaise. This will help you to save another 100 calories. Take out the cheese and another 100 plus calories will be taken away.

5. I know your love burgers. So for burgers, take out the large French fries and only go for the burger itself. If you can't resist the temptation, only take a small amount of French fries and this will reduce your caloric intake to another 590 calories.

6. Never ever take potato chips for snack. Why not try healthy fruits i.e. apple so that you can have less calories and this is also good for your health.

7. Instead of taking normal soda, take diet soda i.e. diet cola. Another alternative will be to take iced tea. By doing this you will reduce your caloric consumption by another 150 to 200 calories. My best advise it to avoid soda drinks completely as they are full of sugar and with little nutrients.

8. Spread out your meal time by eating every two to three hours. Never ever skip breakfast. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you must never skip it. By spreading your meal time and eating a small quantity, the level of your blood glucose will be stabilised and this will reduce your urge to indulge in foods.

9. Instead of taking snacks like pop corn, make it a habit to eat healthy snacks i.e. fruits like apples and oranges, small cut-up veggies like carrot and yogurt.

10. Take less white foods like white bread, cereals and rice. Instead take more food from the whole grain group i.e. whole grain bread and whole grain biscuit. Food from this group is high in fibre and has been proven to lessen the colon cancer risk.

11. Instead of taking butter, substitute them with non-fat items.

12. Many people love Caesar sales. I will advise you to drop that and replace it with sales dressing that is fat-free.

13. If you love pasta then I will recommend having spaghetti together with marinara sauce. By doing this, another 500 calories will be saved.

14. When dining with friends, try not to take any alcohol which is another hot drink to cause fat. The best will be to drink warm or tonic water. Give your friends an excuse on why you are not taking any beer. By doing that, this will take away the pressure of drinking.

15. When you are dining at restaurants, order from the kids menu or share your meals. Restaurant foods are known to be in large portions and normally you will get more that what you need. Don't hesitate to ask for the doggie bag if you can't finish the food. The left over can be your lunch tomorrow or to be taken as snack.

16. Instead of drinking more coffee, move more, and walk more. The more you exercise, the more calories you'll burn.

17. Go for swimming. Swimming is the best exercise and you can lose as much as 500 calories for one hour of swimming. Swimming is also great to shape your body. You will look good in no time if you go for swimming all the time.

With the abovementioned ways to lose weight, you don't have to go on a strict diet to lose weight. Change to more sensible eating habits and start moving your body by walking, swimming or bicycle riding. You'll be rewarded by good health and a fit body.
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